Version 0.7.1

This release adds the following improvements:

  • Update python dependencies for building the documentation

  • Re-generate Fast DDS-Gen generated TypeSupport with Fast DDS-Gen v2.2.0

  • Example to export ROS 2 statistics to Prometheus

Previous versions

Version 0.7.0

This release adds the following feature:

  • Possibility of loading Fast DDS Statistics Backend’s DomainParticipant from Fast DDS XML configuration files.

This release adds the following improvements:

  • Warn the user the Fast DDS Statistics module needs to be enabled.

  • Update documentation regarding locator specification.

  • Fix destruction error in the Database’s queue thread.

Version 0.6.0

This release adds the following improvement:

  • Update statistics type support including physical data in DISCOVERY_TOPIC

Version 0.5.0

This release adds the following improvements:

  • Improvements on Windows CI

  • Refactor on processing queues to avoid data races with entity creation order

  • Update Statistics Module type support

Version 0.4.0

This release has the following API extensions:

  • StatisticsBackend::is_metatraffic allows the user to know if a specific topic or endpoint is related to metatraffic data.

This release adds the following features:

  • Add HelloWorld Example.

This release includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Return the end of the time interval as the data point’s timestamps instead of the initial one.

  • Avoid adding the same locator twice to the database.

  • Fix deadlock when accessing the database within a callback implementation.

  • Avoid using deprecated namespace.

  • Improvements on CI.

Version 0.3.0

This release has the following API breaks:

  • StatisticsBackend::dump_database methods now have an additional argument clear.

This release adds the following features:

  • Dumping the database can optionally delete the traffic data from the internal data structures after the dump is completed, in order to reduce memory footprint.

  • Support to create monitors on discovery server networks.

  • Statistics data related to meta-traffic are now collected under the builtin meta-traffic endpoint created on each participant.

  • Entities removed from the network now have a non-active status.

  • Transitions between active and non-active status are notified to the user listeners.

  • It is possible to change the domain listener and mask after the monitor is created.

This release includes the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • By default, statistics data is received using UDP transport, shared memory is disabled.

  • Network latency data now relates to a source participant and a destination locator (previously a source locator and a destination locator).

  • Statistics data can now trigger the discovery of a new locator.

  • Improved entity names and aliases to be more user friendly.

  • Solved an issue that may cause the internal database to freeze.

  • Allow for topics with the same name to be on different domains.

Version 0.2.0

This minor release is API compatible with the previous minor release, but introduces ABI breaks:

  • Methods and attributes have been added on several classes, so indexes of symbols on dynamic libraries may have changed.

This release adds the following features:

  • Support for Windows platforms

  • Dumped data can now be loaded to the backend

  • Backend can now be reset to a clean state (deleting all the data and monitors)

  • StatisticsBackend::get_data implementation for SAMPLE_DATAS and DISCOVERY_TIME sample types

  • StatisticsBackend::get_data implementation for zero bins

It also includes the following improvements:

  • The participant info now contains all the locators of the participant

  • Entities have an alias that can be set by the user to facilitate identification

Some important bugfixes are also included:

  • Fixed errors when the same topic name is used on different domains

  • Fixed crashes on database queues when database operation fails

Version 0.1.0

This first release includes the following features:

  • Starting and stopping monitoring a DDS domain ID

  • Keeping track of discovered entities (hosts, users, processes, participants, topics, data readers, data writers, and locators).

  • Listening and recording statistics data related to the discovered entities, as reported by the Fast DDS statistics module.

  • Retrieving the recorded statistics data, preprocessed with the requested statistic (mean, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, median)

  • Persisting the recorded statistics to a file.

  • Loading the statistics from a persisted file.